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T-1000 Stabbing finger ELM-studios

This is a T-1000 Stabbing Finger Replica. Amazing replica from ELM-studios. Only one made!

Fuel cell Lighter

This is a replica made by HCG It's a bit smaller than the original prop and it has even written Terminator salvation on it. I donít understand why they didnít make an exact replica instead?


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Terminator 2 Studio Scale 60"FHK

Reproduction of the Flying Hunter Killer. This model has been molded directly from the 60" "studio scale" model used during the filming of the T2 future wars scenes! Measures 60Ē in length and 41Ē wide, comes with a future war display base. It also has eyelet hooks in the top just like the original Studio Scale model so that it can be hanged from the ceiling. Also features functioning headlights. This is a Prop Replica made by HCG. Limited to 25. I have #05 of 25

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