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Future War Skull

This is one of the plaster skulls used on screen during the future war scene at the beginning of T2.

T-1000 piece

This is a real piece of the uniform used by Robert Patrick.


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T-800 Ammo Belt

This is Arnold's ammo belt with four resin grenade bullets for his grenade launcher. He wears this in the last part of the movie when blowing up the Cyberdyne building, through to the end of the movie. There were several levels of distress on the ammo belt - this being one used in the later stages since it is ripped up pretty well. Also includes a COA from Screenused.


Terminator 2 Edward Furlongs Public Enemy T-shirt

This is the original T-shirt worn by Edward Furlong as John Connor in Terminator 2. Includes a COA from "Propstore of London".

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