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Terminator salvation signed poster

Signed by Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard and Common at Comic-con 2008.

Terminator Salvation Promo Armband

Arm Band for the Human Resistance. It was a San Francisco WonderCon 2009 exclusive promo item and was handed out in limited quantities. It's burgundy in color with yellow sword in a black shield. Arm band was made to look like it's from torn or ripped material so there are loose threads.


Terminator Salvation All Autograph Tradingcards

This is a complete set of six Autograph cards. Signed by: 
1.    Michael Ironside as Gen. Ashdown
2.    Jadagrace As Star
3.    Jane Alexander as Virginia
4.    Chris Ashworth as Richter
5.    Michael Papajohn as Carnahan
6.    Dylan Kenin as Turnbull
Terminator Salvation All Wardrobe Tradingcards
These Cards contains an actual worn piece of costume materials from following main characters
1.    John Connors Combat Fatigues
2.    John Connors Jacket
3.    Marcus Wrights Shirt
4.    Marcus Wrights Coat
5.    Kyle Reese Jacket
6.    Kyle Reese Vest
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